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At Chingay 2013 as Resilient Life Role Model

 I believe in God because no way I could be a role model in Singapore , if it is not because of  God ! 

 I was honored as a role model for Resilient Life in Chingay Parade 2013. How strange is that ?!  These are some of the special moments …


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Creativity = $ales.

Business owners must get out of the box asap   !  Creativity = $ales.

Many retail owners still find it hard to think creatively, find it difficult to express themselves through their businesses . Let me zoom in to the little “Open & Close” signs that typically seemed insignificant .  I saw a cute boutique  in California with these Open and Close Signs that triggered some (my) consumers’ emotions. .

Cool Open Sign

The signs are  made from the very things they are selling ! So powerful :

(1) Just at the entrance , I know they are into denims-clarity !

(2) The signages hinted some funkiness  inside the store-peeked ….I was not disappointed  !

(3) I made my way back to the store the next day (since it was closed) $!$ … 

Closed - Cool Sign

 Share this with someone who will benefit from this article please ! If you have an interesting idea to share , please drop me a note .

More business tips here :   http://nanzchongkomo.com/category/great-marketing-signs

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Launched a tiny brand

End of 2013 saw the birth of www.365Redefined.com , a tiny brand I conceived in my mind in August the same year .  I was dreaming again … I was excited and inspired to print  some of my quotes (from Overcome) on canvas totes and pouches  …I named them MIGHTY canvas ! I want MIGHTY canvas to encourage and inspire people in all of their  365 days . I love dreaming and making things happen.

I sold just over S$1,400 in two weeks of December-thanks to many friends online and offline ! It is not a bad start especially my goal is for international distribution , spreading the daily words of  hope and possibility, on totes . I am not sure if it is worth the many sleepless nights ( I have my fear attacks in every new project, some of you may know what I am talking about ) and the 24/7 brainstorming within me …. I suppose that is what entrepreneurship continues to be about …

P.S I am looking for distributors too. Anywhere on the globe. :) 

Took this Mighty Pouch with me to my travel. Love the size !  On the way back from States now.

Took this Mighty Pouch with me to my travel. Love the size ! On the way back from States now.

Taking it easy . Seen with my new-tiny-brand tote

Taking it easy . Seen with my new-tiny-brand tote


Here !

See the stuff I talked about here : www.365Redefined.com


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Simple Communication is best

Communication , the key to good operations ! 

 Do you know that orange juice comes from oranges ?


Orrange juice comes from orange !

How amazing is that ? I have seen many restaurants , hotels use  the organically hand-written signage / computer-generated signage / staff / customers’ intelligence… /images  to communicate the content of their juice dispensers .

Look again at this clever and artistic one !  The art of a simple display of the very fruit  says it all ! We are in a you-tube , Facebook generation now , business owners must take advantage of good visuals !  On a second thought….. I hope they are not planning to  make DURIAN ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durian ) juice ! LOL

-Another fun observatory time at Traders Hotel KL .


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Clarity Saves Big Money

Smart Business Tools – ease operational chaos , saves 1000 man-hours a year !

Again, I was amazed at the operation process at the Traders Hotel Café , K.L Malaysia . (They didn’t pay me to write this .)

 On every table at breakfast was a sign like this : I am still hungry

If you are thinking right now that this little credit card size thing is for “reserving seats” ( Known as  “Chope seats” in Singapore Slang ) , no it is not  !  This card system was a cleverly thought-through one to ease operational mistakes from staff such as clearing the tables before customers are done with their food.  Just to add to the background here , the café was very busy ;  huge physical movements every morning, every where for the large buffet spread.

Having my usual basic breakfast , I penned down these benefits of the signage system (which actually is a form of communication system ) :

(1) Minimise the  unhappiness from customers when their plates disappeared ahead of their time. (We all know this feeling well …)

(2) Reduce man-hours on unnecessary work in the café operations including potential customer recovery engagement . (  Hypothetically speaking , if a 3 man-hours is unnecessarily wasted daily  , it actually add up to 1095 hours a year ! Just do the math based on an hourly rate of  *$12/hour)  *Using an average of salary of busboy and a supervisor’s, not including management review , apology letters and re-training hours …

(3) Reduce wastage of inventory –customers would likely get more of the same food that the waitress cleared by mistakes.

(4) Reduce circle of washes of plates, cutleries …

When I was done with my breakfast , I flipped my little red card over to this :

I am fullNow you see the picture ! It is greener on the other side !

Staff did a good , fast cleaned up , the floor supervisor  immediately alerted the front staff that a table had just opened up ! 

I walked away from the breakfast café enlightened and happy to see a well oiled daily operations I could share with you !  

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Humor In Business

Humor in Business is Important !

Humor in Business is Important !

Saw a fun sign at a beer place . It instantly does the job of a good signage !  It connects with my mind what some possible products they are selling ! 

 Every business owner should  take time to explore putting in some fun to his or her  business , with a goal of drawing more attention and goodwill which leads to revenue overtime . ( Advice not guarantee !  …..Just a joke !)   As a customer , don’t you just get drawn to business with  humor than those with none  ? A doctor with some good sense of humor deducts the pain of an injection …..So does a tutor or a golf coach in my case ….I went to coach Rick for his sense of professionalism peppered with humor .  

What fun can you add to your organization today ?

Yours, Nanz Chong-Komo


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Shoes are not welcome-repulsive sales strategy

I was in Malaysia last month and as a business owner myself , I found this concept to be interestingly repulsive to sales  ! 

Customers are asked to remove their shoes before entering this shop ! I was surprised such rules still exist in the modern retail world .


Worrying about my shoes being stolen

Worrying about my shoes being stolen

Common sense says that the owner wanted her shop clean and sparkling , reduce the cleaner’s hours (if any at all) . Sounds fair from a shop owner’s perspective ! But wait a second, business 101 reminds us again and again , to wear the customer’s hat at all times  ! 

As a customer, my hat (head) says  :

-Negative Impression : The owner is more concern of the cleanliness of the store , than the inconvenience of removing my shoes. If grandma had come with me , she would have trouble removing and wearing back her shoes.  (Wear and tear and maintenance must be part of the cost of doing business , SME just can’t save on everything …) 

-Hurried Off : I was looking out of the shop , checking that my shoes had not been stolen . Didn’t have the ease of mind  to shop . ( I actually left the shop quickly , losing my 3-year-old Prada shoes would be a very bad idea… ). Browsing time cut short is not a good news ..

There are just so much details to look out for in a business. Some things are just not instinctive to the owners . If you run a business , it is good to constantly have a small feedback group by your side ! 





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A never-before online special

overcome_buy 1 get 1 Dec 2013 

Many people have told me how encouraged they were by my book Overcome . That was the sole purpose of the book ! Because of this , we are giving a never-before online special so more of your friends will be inspired by Overcome ! 

 Buy 1 and get 1 FREE while we have the stocks ! Get here : http://nanzchongkomo.com/shop

Some of my own favorite quotes from OVERCOME , published last year (a compilation of thoughts over the last 10 years)  are

  • A productive day begins with a productive attitude.
  • Each problem is an opportunity to better myself.
  • Rejoice that you have today, for it is unique and exclusive.
  • We are rethinking, refining and reshaping our future each day! Our future is truly in our hands, in the decisions we made today.
  • Happy are those who view problems as experience.
  • The ending will be better than the beginning! Hang on to see the ending — don’t lose heart too soon. 

Sneak inside of this book : 



OVERCOME ,a wonderful gift every season !




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The book you don’t read won’t help.

Jim Rohn said ” The book you don’t read won’t help”

I totally believe in investing in knowledge ; be it from a doctor’s perspective about my health ,  a seminar to upgrade my brain cells or an attorney to get my business’ ABCs in place . ( In ONE BUSINESS 99 LESSONS  http://nanzchongkomo.com/one-business-99-lessons  ,  Lesson 97 ” Pay For Advice ” , I strongly recommended . )  I had used  a lot more unnecessary finance by DIY-ing some stuff that are obviously not in my radar of learning and expertise ….

Here is our special for Nov to you (ends Nov)  , this book is reduced to S$16. (43% off) . Invest now in what you know you need .

Special $16 for 2013

http://nanzchongkomo.com/shop  Free Delivery to Singapore, Malaysia , Brunei continues even with the offer !






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A little sweetness at a smart hotel

Smart Business Tools

I checked in to Trader’s hotel KL Malaysia yesterday . Like many women, I checked in to check out the bathroom in my room first ….Lo and behold , I found a little stick on the bath tub that instantly sweetened my stay already ! See what a tiny lollipop in a surprising little spot does  ?! Don’t ask me why but see what a 50 cents investment can do ? The fact that you are already smiling and possibly saying ….good idea , thanks Nanz , thanks Traders Hotel ……it worked !

What is so tough about sweetening your customers’ experience ?  image

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